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First Responders Resilience Center Speaker Bio

Dr. Anastasia Pytal

Anastasia is a highly qualified former police officer and police psychologist with an impressively multi-faceted view on the many complexities of law enforcement mental health. For more than 12 years, she has worked extensively with federal, state, and local agencies; unions; management teams; and departments on creating effective wellness programs.

With her broad insight into the professional and personal aspects of policing, she has been able to share valuable advice with officers at all points in their career progression – from recent recruits to leadership figures – as well as the family members of officers who have been killed or committed suicide in the line of duty.

She holds a Board Certification in Police and Public Safety Psychology, as well as Diplomate status in Police Psychology. Among her many honors are speaking engagements at conferences and trainings around the world for audiences ranging in size from 15 to 1,500 people – often working with interpreters to make sure her message is received and understood by everyone present.

Through her expansive knowledge base of police related topics like suicide, PTSD, addiction behaviors, anxiety issues, line-of-duty deaths, and critical incidents – Anastasia is uniquely qualified as both an educator and motivator when it comes to law enforcement mental health.

General Topics

Anxiety is one of Anastasia’s general top three topics for good reason. As a former police officer, she knows first-hand the stresses and anxieties that come with working in law enforcement. In her presentations, she aims to educate and empower law enforcement leaders and agencies on how to recognize and manage anxiety in themselves and their officers.

Suicide is another important topic that Anastasia covers. With the alarming rate of suicides among law enforcement officers, it is crucial for leaders and agencies to be aware of the warning signs and take preventative measures. Through her talks, Anastasia brings a new perspective on the issue and offers practical solutions to prevent suicides within the law enforcement community.

Trauma is the third general topic that Anastasia addresses. As someone who has experienced traumatic incidents while on duty, she understands the impact it can have on an officer’s mental health. Through her presentations, she aims to educate leaders and agencies on how to support officers who have experienced trauma and how to create a culture that promotes mental wellness.

Dr. Anastasia Pytal
Dr. Anastasia Pytal giving a presentation to IACP

Specific Topics

In addition to her general top three topics, Anastasia also covers specific subtopics within each category.

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Anastasia’s wealth of experience, deep understanding of law enforcement mental health, and passion for improving the wellbeing of officers make her an invaluable asset. Her talks are not just mere presentations but transformative sessions that catalyze change and instigate a much-needed conversation on mental health within the law enforcement community.

Don’t miss the opportunity to benefit from her expertise. Book Anastasia for a speaking engagement today and take a crucial step towards fostering a healthier, stronger, and more resilient law enforcement workforce.

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