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Police officers stress management class

Stress Management & Wellness Training

Stress Management

Personal and work-related stress can have a significant impact on the psychological and physiological well-being of first responders. This workshop teaches participants about the stages of stress and some of the external trigger factors. It will help them understand the symptoms associated with stress as well as different ways to effectively cope with stressful situations.

Anger Management

Participants learn strategies and skills for controlling their anger in everyday situations. This workshop examines the causes and symptoms of anger and how to identify anger-provoking cues. It also provides practical tools to help defuse those feelings before they reach an unsafe level.

Suicide Prevention

According to the CDC, suicide is the 10th leading cause of death in the U.S. Intervention has been proven to save lives. Law enforcement peers, supervisors, and administrators are in ideal positions to monitor the psychological wellness of their department members. The awareness training and prevention techniques provided in this program will help participants acquire the understanding and the confidence to recognize the suicidal danger signs. It will also give them the tools to put intervention and prevention strategies in place.

Survival Skills for Police Spouses

The health and job performance of police officers are directly impacted by the support they receive at home. The more spouses or significant others understand about the effects this career has on their loved ones, the better the chance for healthy relationships and reduced stress on everyone involved. This session will cover the signs and symptoms that may indicate the job is having a negative impact. Cumulative stress and traumatic stress will be addressed.  We will also identify the steps partners should take if they are concerned about their officer or themselves.

Self-Care and Stress

This practice-based workshop provides a basic understanding of the factors that contribute to stress and the impact they have on our mental, physical and emotional well-being. It will provide some quick and easy self-care practices to reduce and mange stress. We will discuss the importance of self-care to improving mood and reducing anxiety. We will teach several types of soothing and containment techniques such as breathing and imaginal exercises, guided meditation, and grounding.

Operation Longevity

Resiliency and wellness training is designed to help people cope with adversity, adapt to change, and overcome challenges. Operation Longevity is a timely program to help law enforcement professionals and their families gain vital tools for their personal self-care that will result in enhanced mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

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