Presentations, Workshops & Trainings

A nationally known speaker, workshop facilitator, and trainer, Dr. Pytal has worked with municipal, county, and federal law enforcement agencies as well as non-profit organizations, labor unions, and professional associations. She has provided presentations and workshops to sworn and non-sworn personnel at all levels, and to groups large and small.

Dr. Pytal’s expertise spans a range of topics, from leadership development, team building, and conflict resolution to critical incident trauma and stress management. Specialized workshops and seminars include:


Critical Incidents & Trauma

  • Critical Incidents Stress/Trauma
  • Post-Traumatic Growth
  • How Trauma Changes People
  • Improving Sleep After Trauma

Stress Management & Wellness

  • Stress Management
  • Anger Management
  • Suicide Prevention
  • Survival Skills for Police Spouses
  • Self-Care and Stress
  • Operation Longevity

Leadership & Team Development

  • Communication Essentials
  • Mental Health & Meds
  • Difficult Employees
  • Team Building
Dr. Anastasia Pytal giving a presentation to IACP

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