Dedicated to Those Who Serve
Police officers - first responders

Leadership Training & Team Development

Communication Essentials

Strong verbal skills are essential to improving engagement, promoting increased productivity and building long-term work relationships. This workshop will help department leaders and their teams learn to express ideas clearly and honestly and to prioritize active listening. In addition, it will help them develop practices that will build rapport, understanding, and trust.

Mental Health and Meds

This program provides an overview of the psychological disorders and the basic medications that law enforcement personnel are most likely to encounter on the street. Knowing what a certain medication does can help officers understand more about the disorder a person may have.

Difficult Employees

A difficult employee can create problems for an entire department. Their discontent can become a major distraction, impacting the morale and performance of other team members. Left unchecked, it can ultimately lead to increased department turnover. This class is designed to identify the different types of difficult employees and provide strategies for how to deal with each type.

Team Building

Effective team building is one of the most important investments organizations can make in their people. It strengthens communication, builds trust, mitigates conflict, fosters creativity and collaboration, and boosts performance. In this fun and interactive workshop, we use our in-depth understanding of first responder culture and psychological knowledge to help create emotionally healthier workplaces.

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