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Dr. Pytal’s area of expertise is public safety psychology for first responders. She earned the distinction of Diplomate in Police Psychology from the Society for Police and Criminal Psychology. She understands the unique challenges facing those on the front line.

policeman speaking with woman at the scene of accident

Police Officers and Firefighters

People in these professions face unique stressors and working conditions that not only impact them, but also their families. They live with organizational dynamics and culture not present in the normal nine-to-five world.

veteran holding a child - first responder

Emergency Medical Service

EMS personnel are frequently jolted awake in the middle of the night and expected to perform miracles in the back of a rig doing 60 mph. They are often responsible for whether someone live or dies.



Dispatchers are unsung heroes in public safety. They spend their days speaking with terrified, angry, and sometimes suicidal people. They are the light and a calming voice leading people to safety and security. Dispatchers ride an emotional roller coaster for 8, 10, or even 12 hours and then they are expected to return to their normal lives.

Tired Female Firefighter - first responder

Federal Law Enforcement

Drug Enforcement Administration officers face multi-national players who are operating with different cultural norms. The DEA Employee Assistance Program provides free, confidential service for DEA Employees and their family members. Dr. Pytal is the New Jersey Area Clinician for the Drug Enforcement Employee Assistance Program in which she provides counseling and training to agents and their families.

policeman speaking with woman at the scene of accident
Tired Female Firefighter - first responder

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